Přípojení na Internet z kolejí UJEP

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802.1x authentication for full access to internet

You must have username (students number) and eduID password (password for STAG) from study office.

With it you must set eduroam password at id.ujep.cz - see eduroam password.

Then download setting app for your OS from cat.eduroam.org

or here: windows10en.exe windows8en.exe windows7en.exe

run it and enter your students number and your eduroam password and when app ends, you have full access to internet.

How it works

User is authenticated to network access by username and password. The whole process is very similar to login to the wireless network Eduroam. The only difference is that the network connection is not done wirelessly, but through a wired connection. Otherwise, use the same access to information such as eduroam, and it is possible to let the commission (username&password) to save, so you do not need to re-enter access data each time you connect.

Advantages of the new method

  • registration is not necessary for full internet access
  • user's access is not tied to a particular outlet - this implies that there is no need to make any changes during moving to another room
  • internet access is not tied to a specific MAC address - no need to make changes registration when you change the network card or the computer
  • full internet access is available immediately - no one-day lag between the change of registration and its projection into the socket configuration

Do not use Connectify with default settings - it will disable your internet connection

Do not use Bittorrent at dormitories